Show Time

I mean let’s be honest part of us had kids just so that we could relive our own childhood.  This reason came full circle last night as I sat in the audience and watched my toddler all dolled up in seaquins and tutus perform to Elvis Presley’s Stuck on You.  

The best part is she really enjoyed doing it. We are all fearful that our kids will balk at an activity we paid for with money and effort. But she really seem to enjoy taking dance class and it showed last night on stage. She smiled big. She did the steps. She hammed it up.

It took me right back to when I was a young dancer and my mom would get me ready for the big night.  All year she would drop me off at dance class where I joined my friends and learned the steps that Miss Linda had choreographed. Then in May, the night would come when we got up on stage and performed it for our supportive family members.

The backstage was one of my favorite parts. Everyone strewn out on blankets applying the last bit of lipstick and mascara according to Miss Linda specifications. Girls chatting and moms nervously checking to make sure they had an extra pair of pantyhose. My best friend always had the best backstage activities. Coloring books and toys to keep us entertained. 

Then they would call us up to the wings when our number neared. I remember one year, I was in three numbers and had to wear part of my costume underneath the other and change in the wing. It’s an interesting moment when strangers come together (backstage moms), all focused on the common goal of getting the dancers onto the stage. 

With my own daughter I realized that a lot of anxiety goes into relying upon those moms to make sure your child gets up there and back to you safely.  Thankfully everyone played their role and after an impressive performance I quickly had her back in my arms (not without a cry and a backing up to get her a sucker but we made it). Her dad was standing by with a bouquet of flowers and a proud smile.

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