Box Pleated and Lacey Overlay

I was three years old when my mom and dad signed me up for ballet at Encore in Stillwater, Ok.  Despite my less than natural grace, I enjoyed learning to move to the music.  My first recital was memorable not because I was only four and dressed like the cutest siamese kitten ever, but because as my parents filmed on their 1980s Camcorder they captured America’s Funniest Home Video-worthy material.  RCA_VHS_shoulder-mount_Camcorder

The child to the left of me had stepped on my tail causing me to go into a literal tailspin.  For the remainder of the “We are Siamese” dance routine, I patted my behind and turned in circles looking for my tail.  While the rest of the class carried on, I was chasing my tail.  What I had not realized was the teacher standing in the wings had stepped in a quickly retrieved my costume piece.

Thankfully I was at the age in which such embarrassments go unnoticed and therefore my dance career continued well into my young adult years.   Today, most of my dancing takes place within the walls of my kitchen but I still appreciate an outfit that makes me want to swing my hips adding a bit of flair to the work day.

I came across this black lace overlay dress with a box pleated skirt at Target I believe.  Occasionally, I run into some pretty good finds for professional attire at this big box store.  The red belt adds pop and gives me a good excuse to wear the shiny red heels I picked up in Paris.  The red jacket makes it work-appropriate since the back of the dress has a low scoop (adorable on its own).   The whole outfit makes me want to cha-cha-cha across the office and makes the daily data pull a little more fun.

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