Bacon and Eggs

Growing up some of my fondest memories were of my family camping. My brother’s birthday was the 4th of July and we always did a big camp out around that time of the year. I remember waking-up blurry eyed to the smell of bacon cooking on the green Coleman stove. My dad standing over it in his Disney World shirt sipping on coffee he had just percolated. 

The lake behind him dark brown. We lived in Oklahoma, which has some of the most shores of any state but they’re all man-made lakes colored by the red dirt. 

I’d fumble for shoes and make my way to the red folding picnic table. It wasn’t long before I had a pile of eggs and bacon in front of me.

This weekend we were supposed to take my toddlers camping for the first time. The rain decided otherwise. I wasn’t going to miss out on the opportunity for bacon and eggs though. 

I made them on my beloved griddle and toasted the bread I keep in the freezer. That along with a strong cup of coffee from the stove, made up for the missed camping trip. Besides I still have plenty of Sunday paper to catch up on before the new one arrives tomorrow.


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