Urban Cowgirl

I have only gone full blown cowgirl once in my life and it didn’t end well.  It was 1990 and all anyone could talk about in my hometown was Garth Brooks.  Being that my hometown was Stillwater, Ok we had a special connection to Garth and thunder.

That year, my parents bought me a pair of red ropers and a gaudy western shirt with a diamond cutout.  I had a pair of wranglers that didn’t fit quite right without a belt.  So the day I decided to show out in my third-grade class, I borrowed my brother’s brass buckled boy scout belt.

It was a big hit and envied by many no doubt.  That is until I found myself in the bathroom unable to undue to the brass buckle.  Feeling that I had no other options, I proceeded to pee my pants.  I’m not sure what transpired after that other than remembering my brother walking me home to change clothes and saying “this is awesome, you should pee your pants every day so I can go home early.”

While I’m sure that’s not the primary reason that day also saw the end of my cowgirl phase, I can’t help but think it played a big part.  Many years later I came across this hat at H&M and decided it was high time to revive the cowgirl look.  With the addition of a floral infinity scarf and tan booties, my urban cowgirl look is complete.  Thankfully, my elastic waistband ensures I don’t succumb to wetting my pants (at least not due to a faulty belt buckle).


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